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Why have a wine fridge

Why have a Wine Fridge

Three reasons:

1. Its much more satisfying to drink a red wine out of the wine fridge at 15C versus Singapore’s 29C ‘room temperature’.

2. Valuable wines mature much more slowly in a fridge.

3. Bragging rights.

And why are they so expensive!

Irritating design faults plague most wine fridges.  Benchmark Wines took 30+ years of experience & designed a wine fridge for the customer.

Features include a reversible door swing, slider shelves that accommodate the trend to oversize bottles, four leveling screws and so on.

Many wine fridges have external controls and handles that resemble the average nuclear power plant. With the controls hidden inside the unit, the Benchmark fridges are designed for aesthetics that blend easily into a living room.

Sizes range from 28 through 320 bottles with prices staring at $299.



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